Office Life After Quarantine: What to Expect, How to Prepare

As states and communities across the country cautiously re-open, business owners are faced with a critical task: creating guidelines for office life after quarantine. Returning to the office safely and thoughtfully will require a lot of planning (and a little sacrifice) as we forget the old norms and usher in a new way of professional life. The goal is not just restoring your business to full health, but also safeguarding the health of your team. These guidelines (implemented and tested by our OnePiece Work team) are a great starting point for making your transition back to the office an easy one.



Visible Guidelines

Regular Sanitation

Schedule regular deep cleanings of your facility as well as daily disinfection of high-touch points — like desk and countertops, door handles, sink fixtures, toilets, and more. Post your schedule and share it with your team. Provide hand sanitizer to your employees at various stations throughout the office.

Temperature Checks

Revised Floor Plan & Social Distancing

Mandatory Face Coverings

No Non-Essential Visitors

Smaller Meetings

Consider smaller meetings or virtual conferencing from within the office. Avoid packing meeting spaces full of team members. Who needs to be there? Who can join remotely from their desk? Ask these questions as you resume face-to-face interactions in your office. Lean on the virtual tools that got you through remote working: they’re great for in-office distancing too.

No Communal Food/Drinks/Utensils

Follow Arrows for Office Traffic Flow

Determine the flow of traffic for your office, and mark those paths with “one-way” arrows (use masking tape or painter’s tape to apply the arrows to your floor). The idea here is to create a streamlined, single-file pattern of traffic to minimize contact amongst your team throughout the day.

Stay Home if You Have Any Symptoms!

No Contact Mail Pick Up

We have put together a series of community-curated webinars to discuss helpful topics for businesses during this time, including fundraising tips, financial solutions, and more. Visit our Eventbrite.



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