How To Launch An Effective Cross-Border PR Strategy For The U.S. and Asia

The purpose of public relations in marketing is to build a connection between the brand and consumers, stimulating brand enthusiasm, and a desire to buy. Maintaining strong public relations is now more important than ever for businesses of all sizes. The ultimate goal is to increase the enterprise’s visibility and develop its reputation, deeply rooting the brand’s image in the hearts of community members. It’s through this process that brands become household names.

In recent years, as “ Made in China” has gradually morphed into “Create in China”, an increasing number of brands has honed in on overseas marketing, namely in the United States. One of the first challenges for Chinese brands trying to successfully enter the U.S. market is introducing “who you are” to overseas consumers.

OnePiece Connect sat down with PRSA San Francisco Bay Area Chapter for a lively conversation on this topic.

Gaining Brand Exposure Through The Media

Press release is one of the most common PR marketing methods used by brands across industries. By releasing news, brands can establish a connection with the media and gain opportunities for future media exposure. Press releases in the United States differ in many ways from those in other global markets. First, considering that it’s a single country, the United States releases a huge number of manuscripts every day. Second, the number of published media outlets is also greater than that of any other single country. If the quality of the published content is high, the number of published media outlets can surpass 200. Third, many published media outlets in the United States are authorities in the news industry. These include Yahoo News, Forbes Magazine, Market Watch, Business Insider, and others.

Before businesses decide to invite media reporters for in-depth interviews, they should comb through their media kits to make updates and improvements. A media kit includes a brand introduction, product pictures, product introductions, team member introductions, and other specific information about the brand. With this kit, the media can gain a quick, comprehensive understanding of the brand and its products. As for the success of a product, the most important issue with overseas media is the relationship between the brand and the local market. This relationship is a crucial criterion that overseas media uses to assess whether or not a brand or product is newsworthy.

Traditional communication platforms for public relations and marketing mainly include mass media and news websites. But, with the development of the Internet, social media has become the most popular platform for brand promotion. In social media promotion, influencer marketing is one of the effective ways for brands to attract younger consumers.

Consider that the first key factor in the creation of an effective marketing strategy is to determine the brand’s target audience. After taking this step, a brand can effectively cater its image to influential members of that audience. Influencers have a greater understanding of the likes and preferences of social media users than others. The content that they create resonates with audiences more effectively. To keep up with this trend, brands should tailor different talking points to influencers according to their unique characteristics.

To develop a unified marketing strategy, brands should also produce their own characteristics to portray for publicity and brand visibility. When this strategy is implemented in a large number of social media channels, the amount of attention earned from potential customers can be magnified exponentially.

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