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By ‍Vickey Li, CEO of OnePiece Work

As tech companies announced plans for permanent remote work options in the wake of the pandemic, the median price of a commercial rental in San Francisco dropped 24.2% compared to 2019. Even now, many more companies have renounced their plan to bring employees back to the office full-time, so remote options have become a necessity. Hybrid work is here to stay, which reflects the importance of not just where we work, but also how and when we work.

When it comes to office design, many companies are now putting sustainability at the top of their list. For 62% of executives, staying competitive means catering to an eco-conscious workforce and focusing on energy-efficient design in their distributed workspaces.

New trends in sustainability are transforming the office, where integrating new technologies and green tools can attract a happier, healthier workforce.

As workspace experts, we’ve compiled a list of tips for creating a greener workplace:

Switch to eco-friendly office snacks‍

Your office pantry and snack selection can have a significant impact on your waste output. Instead of buying generic, pre-packaged snacks from the grocery store, opt…

The success of our on-demand workspace service, which aims to provide a productive outlet for remote workers, has led us to launch a new product: the Flexible Workspace Bundle.

One of the key changes to how we work spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic is employee desire for flexibility. According to a recent survey conducted by the real estate firm JLL, 71% of workers are expecting more flexible schedules, 57% want to have wider workspace options in the office, and 43% would like the option to work from a co-working facility from time to time.

To support employees’ diverse needs and…

By OnePiece Work

(From left to right) ‍Nicole Vasquez, ‍Rania Reda, ‍Vickey Li, and Lee Rubin

In honor of Women’s History Month, we asked some of our leading members and partners for their insights on the next five years in tech. As female founders, each has her own unique perspective on barriers, the path forward, and trends to watch. Here’s what they had to say:

Where would you like to see women in tech for the next 5 years?

By Vickey Li, CEO at OnePiece Work

Workspaces have changed significantly since the onset of the pandemic. Despite these changes, we have to wonder: is the work ecosystem ready to support fully remote teams? Based on details gathered from our network of hybrid and remote teams, I have come to the following conclusions:

1. U.S. Professionals still need some degree of office space.

Remote work for flexible teams requires a considerable shift in work culture. Without consistent colleague interaction, in-person team building, and spontaneous meetings, it can be difficult to sustain company culture. According to Indeed, a worldwide employment website for job listings, organizational culture has transformational power that leads…

With everything moving to the online sphere, it’s important to find new and creative ways to stay connected with your remote team. Virtual events are a fun way to boost morale, encourage positive company culture, and bond with your fellow coworkers!

We’ve partnered with Confetti to guide you step by step in planning your very own virtual event. Here’s how:

Decide on an Event

Gather ideas from your team, and ask them what they think would be fun! Based on their answers, put together a monthly, quarterly, or yearly calendar of fun. …

March 2021 will mark one year since half of the workforce left their traditional office spaces to work from home full-time. As we weren’t able to prepare for the impact of the pandemic, many aspects of our lives were turned upside-down.

One of the many changes was to our work environment. According to CNBC, 75% of remote workers prefer to work in an office setting. 50% of remote workers, however, hope that their employers will support a hybrid-work model with which remote workers have the flexibility to work from home, or a flexible office space closer to home, a few…

As we enter the holiday season, it’s now more important than ever to prioritize your mental health. OnePiece Work has teamed up with San Francisco Member Tamar Blue, Founder of MentalHappy, to do just that.

Mental Happy is a social network designed to help people of all races, genders, and economic standings improve their emotional wellbeing through positive peer support. We’re excited to interview Tamar and learn more about her mental wellness platform.

1. What inspired you to start MentalHappy?

MentalHappy is a social network designed to help people improve their emotional wellbeing through positive peer support. The company was…

Working remotely comes with many perks, from setting your own hours to cutting down on your commute. But, where do the extra hours go? Many of us are constantly connected and forget to make space for our own health and wellness as a result.

We recently hosted a panel with speakers John Occhipinti, CEO at Naturebox, and Diana Marchese, Head of People Experience at Snyk, to discuss strategies on creating space between your work and home life for greater overall wellbeing. Check out our webinar recording here:

Transitioning Teams From Offline To Online

For many teams, the transition from in-office work to remote work was…

It’s now more important than ever to create a program that promotes wellness within your business. With the transition to remote work, companies are thinking creatively about shifting wellness programs entirely online.

Even before the crisis, wellness programs benefited both employees and organizations at large. Harvard found that for every dollar spent on employee wellness, company medical costs fell $3.27 and absenteeism dropped $2.73, generating a 6-to-1 return on investment.

The Importance of Company Wellness Programs

By implementing a wellness program for your company, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Improving the health and productivity of employees
  • Improving morale and loyalty among employees
  • Lowering the overall…

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